What to pay attention to when laying geomembranes

Before laying HDPE geomembrane<, the corresponding documents should be checked by the civil engineering project.HDPE film cutting once, should be accurately measured its relevant specifications, and then according to the practice of cutting, generally should not be cut according to the specification of the picture, should be piece by piece number, specific records in the special form.Laying HDPE geomemask should strive to weld the least, in the condition of ensuring quality, although frugal original building materials.All the way also simple to ensure quality.

The lap width of the seam between the film and the film is generally not less than 10cm, so that the weld line is generally parallel to the maximum gradient, that is, along the gradient line.

Generally in the corner and deformation section, should be the seam length although reduced short.In addition to common requirements, on slopes with slope slope greater than 1:6, within 1.5 meters of the top slope or stress gathering area, although no weld is provided.

HDPE smooth geomembrane< in laying, should avoid the occurrence of artificial fold, the temperature is lower, although should be tight, flat.

After the HDPE geomembrane sheet< is laid, it should be reduced to walk on the membrane surface and move the device, etc.any object that can cause damage to HDPE film formation should not be placed on or carried on the film to avoid sudden damage to the film formation.